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About us

Spring Bioscience was founded in 2001 by a team of scientists and achieved early success with their line of SP Clone rabbit monoclonal antibodies for clinical immunohistochemistry.  This momentum was quickly noticed by Ventana Medical Systems who acquired the company in 2007 for its antibody development capabilities.  Ventana Medical Systems was shortly thereafter acquired by Roche.  Today Spring serves an important role as an antibody center of excellence in Roche’s mission to deliver companion diagnostics.  This is accomplished through not only developing antibodies destined for clinical assays through Ventana and other Roche affiliates but using our collective medical/market intelligence to serve the cancer research community.


Spring Bioscience takes a targeted and focused approach to building its product portfolio. First, we strategically select biomarkers that will be relevant for future high-value clinical tests or companion diagnostics. Second, we invest heavily in leading immunology technologies including rabbit monoclonal antibody development to deliver the highest quality information to researchers. Lastly, we complement a strong antibody product portfolio with a broad set of Immunohistochemistry (IHC) tools including detection systems, antibody arrays, recombinant proteins and more. In addition to our expertise in IHC many of our antibodies are further characterized by Western Blot, ELISA, and other applications as well as multiple host tissues including human and mouse/rat. Our products both those under development and those currently available are consistent with our mission to build essential tools for cancer researchers so that tomorrow's patients may benefit from today's innovations.


We maintain an ISO9001:2008 (ISO 9001) certified quality system assuring sustainable product quality and continuous improvement. Additionally, our reputation of collaboration with strategic partners including those with affiliates including Ventana Medical Systems, Genentech, and other Roche Group companies and our research customers speaks to our dedication to advancing the industry as a whole.


Spring is a nimble and efficient group, and our culture is one of dialogue and collaboration with our customers and strategic partners. We look forward to assisting industry leaders enhance their research and diagnostic endeavors through the seamless supply of our specialized IHC product lines.