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Targeted Research Products

Spring’s strategy is to develop a carefully selected portfolio of products that will provide both the research and diagnostic  communities with strategic antibody biomarkers for assessing protein expression in tissue.  Our team at Spring Bioscience complements these antibody products with an elegant selection of advanced detection and ancillary products that are useful in the field of IHC.

SP Clones

The success of our SP Clone line of rabbit monoclonal antibodies exemplify this strategy.  These antibodies continue to emerge as best-in-class immunohistochemistry markers for their high affinity, sensitivity and specificity.  Starting with SP1 , the current gold standard Estrogen Receptor (ER) marker, to the over 100 SP clones available today represent hand-picked cancer markers for specific and relevant immunohistochemistry  research.  The current generation of recombinant Rabbit Monoclonal (RMAb) technology we utilize provides unique advantages over both predecessor rabbit monoclonal approaches and is becoming further separated from legacy technologies such as mouse monoclonals.  The table below highlights the key advantages of our recombinant rabbit monoclonal technology:


Sophisticated Science - The SP1 Estrogen Receptor Example:

Spring antibodies have become renowned for their robust, highly sensitive and specific characteristics. Our focus on tissue pathology also lead to the advent of the first rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed for use in clinical IHC.  Many of these “SP” or Spring Proprietary Clones have subsequently risen to international prominence in their respective areas – the most notable being our SP1 Estrogen Receptor antibody but is also now joined by our Cyclin-D1 (SP4), Ki-67 (SP6), cMET (SP44), and H. pylori (SP48) among others. Today Spring developed antibodies are used in studies around the world including pivotal companion diagnostics studies which aim to make personalized healthcare a standard in oncology. 

The high level process diagram below illustrates our current recombinant rabbit monoclonal technology which is held as a trade secret by the company:


In addition to our rabbit monoclonal antibodies and in line with our focus to deliver the highest quality products to the research community, we continuously develop high quality mouse monoclonal antibodies and rabbit polyclonal antibodies to increase the breadth of our product portfolio. Finally we also provide a broad set of immunohistochemistry tools including detection systems, antibody arrays and recombinant proteins.